WebGL based NURBS Demo

Hey Guys! Welcome to Nurbs calculator. Unfortunately, my app is not working at the moment. I’m implementing NURBS surfaces as well. Stay tuned and thanks for the patience. Please send me an email on pawangami@yahoo.com, if you have any suggestions or feedback.


NURBS Software using Three.js

You might have seen many demos of NURBS (Non Uniform Rational B-Spline), which are either flash based or java applet based, but none of these provide you full control on all the parameters of NURBS curves. Nurbs-calculator is the world’s first browser based application, which combines the power of three.js and angular.js to give the best user experience.  Three.js is one of the best javascript api to create webGL applications and angular.js is a perfect web application framework to create dynamic and extensible web apps.

NURBS is one of core fundamentals of most of the CAD software like Autodesk Maya , Rhinoceros 3D, SolidWorks etc  and generally it is considered as highly complicated mathematical concept. If you are new to NURBS, then ‘NURB curves – a guide for the uninitiated‘ will give you a good start. To understand the mathematics of NURBS and NURBS properties, visit – http://www.cs.mtu.edu/~shene/COURSES/cs3621/NOTES/.

But these websites are not helpful to understand the NURBS properties, until you have a software application where you can create some sample curves and see the effect of changing the curve parameter. This is where you need nurbs-calculator. This is a browser based app and doesn’t require any kind of installation on desktop PC. Just go to the URL – nurbscalculator.in and start creating curves. Once the curve is created, you can evaluate the point on the curve. Evaluation means finding the coordinates of a point on the curve corresponding to a parameter.

If you just want to create some splines and free form curves and not interested in understanding NURBS, then also nurbs-calculator is very helpful. It is very easy to use and can be accessed from mobile / tablet / laptop browsers. You can add / modify / remove control points in the webGL window on the right side and can set the precise values by using the edit boxes on the left side. More details about this can be found in the ‘How to use‘ section of the website.

I’ll put some tutorials in my next post, to demonstrate how one can use nurbs-calculator to create linear, quadratic or cubic splines.



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